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The historical legacy of racial and ethnic discrimination in the United States continues to determine economic outcomes today. Far too often one’s race and ethnicity shape the ways in which one’s characteristics are valued by employers and the economy. Intentional policies have identified winners and losers based on their racial and ethnic background, such as redlining and the lack of enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. Equitable Growth elevates a racial and ethnic lens on the U.S. economy to draw attention to persistent disparate outcomes by race and ethnicity.



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Racial and Gender Wage Gaps: Overcoming Structural Barriers to Shared Growth

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For Juneteenth: A look at economic racial inequality between white and black Americans

Inequality & Mobility

Low intergenerational mobility in the United States shows impact of race and public policy

Inequality & Mobility

New research suggests early exposure to innovation is more effective than financial incentives in stimulating innovation

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In Conversation with Raj Chetty

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A judicial victory for pay transparency in the United States in the run-up to Women’s Equal Pay Day

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