Diversity in Economics

A key priority of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth is supporting researchers from underrepresented backgrounds and at various points along their career ladders, contributing to the broader effort to increase diversity in economics and social science research.

In 2022, Equitable Growth launched its Diversity in Economics video series as one way to further this work.

Diversity in Economics interviews researchers from historically disadvantaged backgrounds about their experiences and the challenges they face to work in the economics space. The video interviews additionally seek solutions to the longstanding issues of attracting and retaining more diverse scholars to the field. Interviewees are members of Equitable Growth’s academic network.

The series highlights the existing—and growing—pool of talented voices in economics and social sciences, and seeks to build on that progress by drawing attention to what has worked thus far and why. We desire to uplift diverse voices to broaden ideas about who is an economist and what economists study.

Current and future installments of Diversity in Economics can be found below and on Equitable Growth’s YouTube page (specifically in this playlist).

Carlos Fernando Avenancio-León

Assistant professor of finance at the University of California, San Diego

Robynn Cox

Assistant professor in the School of Public Policy at the University of California, Riverside

Candace Miller

Assistant professor of sociology and organizational science at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Sarah Small

Assistant professor of economics at at the University of Utah

Andria Smythe

Assistant professor of economics at Howard University

If you have questions for any of the featured scholars, or would like to be included in this series or nominate a scholar to be included, please reach out to Maria Monroe at mmonroe@equitablegrowth.org.

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