Our annual reports

2020 annual report

Our 2020 annual report, “Equity = Strength,” chronicles how the Washington Center for Equitable Growth and its ideas are built for this moment. This report provides concise snapshots of innovative and successful initiatives spanning our key issue areas of measuring growth, family economic security, inequality and mobility, taxes and macroeconomics, market structure and competition, and raising wages.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and recession, Equitable Growth produced 21 working papers, hosted 19 major events, engaged with policymakers more than 560 times, earned more than 6,400 media mentions, and distributed $1.25 million in research grants to 52 grantees. The pandemic exacerbated longstanding inequalities in the United States, and Equitable Growth met this historic moment with evidence-backed policy recommendations to help both reduce inequality and bolster the ensuing broad-based economic recovery.

2018 annual report

Our first-ever annual report, “Evidence for a Stronger Economy,” details Equitable Growth’s progress from our inception in 2013 across our first 5 years of operation. In those years, we grew into a trusted nonprofit research and grantmaking organization, dedicated to advancing evidence-backed ideas and policies that promote strong, stable, and broad-based economic growth.

Every day, Equitable Growth engages with the policymaking community to share evidence from our academic network and our own policy analysts that helps tell a larger story about how a new set of economic policy choices can reduce economic inequality and create strong income growth for everyone. We dig deep into our key issue areas, focusing on disaggregating economic growth data, raising wages, boosting family economic security, enacting fair and equitable taxation, reinforcing market structures and competition laws, and investigating complex questions about economic inequality and mobility.

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