Funding Opportunities

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth is now accepting applications in response to our 2022 Request for Proposals.

Three funding opportunities are available: academic grants; doctoral/postdoctoral grants; and the Dissertation Scholars program. Scholars affiliated with and students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a U.S. college or university are eligible to apply. See below for details about what we fund, or click here to read the 2022 Request for Proposals. If you have questions about the grants program, please contact us at


Our grantees hail from a range of academic institutions, backgrounds, and disciplines, and are at different points along the career ladder. Their research interests are equally broad, though focused on the ways in which inequality effects economic growth.


Academic grants

Academic grants are open to researchers affiliated with a U.S. university. The affiliated university must administer the grant. Academic grants are typically in the $25,000 to $100,000 range over 1 to 3 years. We frequently partner with other foundations to support projects jointly or to share proposals that are not a fit for our grant program, but which may be of interest to other funders. Learn more…

Doctoral/postdoctoral grants

Doctoral/postdoctoral grants are open to graduate students currently enrolled in a doctoral program at a U.S. university and to recent Ph.D. graduates currently in a postdoctoral position at a U.S. university. If you are currently a graduate student or in a postdoctoral position, you may choose to apply for either an academic or doctoral/postdoctoral grant, depending on the pool in which you’d like to compete. Doctoral/postdoctoral grants are funded at $15,000 over 1 year. Learn more...

Dissertation Scholars program

Equitable Growth is building a pipeline of scholars doing cutting-edge research on inequality and growth. Our Dissertation Scholars program is in-residence and provides Ph.D. candidates with financial and professional support to pursue their own research and to gain familiarity with current policy debates and the policy process. Dissertation scholars are given an annualized $50,000 stipend, office space, and professional support, and are expected to support Equitable Growth’s grant program. Scheduling is flexible to permit for travel to home institutions, as well as academic conferences. Tenure is at least one academic year, with the possibility of extension into a second year. Learn more...

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