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The Washington Center for Equitable Growth seeks to invest in policy-relevant research that is related to how inequality affects economic growth, and in scholars who are interested in engaging with nonacademic audiences.

We’re currently accepting applications in response to the Request for Proposals: How effective was the fiscal response to the COVID-19 recession for workers? For more information on our most recent funding opportunity and to read the full request, click here.

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Our grantees hail from a range of academic institutions, backgrounds, and disciplines, and are at different points along the career ladder. Their research interests are equally broad, though focused on the ways in which inequality effects economic growth.


Request for Proposals: How effective was the fiscal response to the COVID-19 recession for workers?

We are currently requesting proposals for research that will equip federal policymakers with evidence of the effectiveness of the fiscal response to the COVID-19 recession in generating better macroeconomic outcomes and in generating better and more equitable outcomes for working-age individuals in the United States.

To be eligible for this Request for Proposals, one must be affiliated with a U.S. college or university. Graduate students are not eligible to apply. However, they can be supported by a grant as part of the research team.

Grants awarded in response to this request are expected to fall in the $25,000 to $80,000 range.

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Early Career grants

Equitable Growth is excited to offer funding specifically for graduate students and early career researchers. We are not currently accepting applications for these grants.

To be eligible for an early career grant, one must be currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a U.S. university, in a postdoctoral position at a U.S. university, or a scholar affiliated with a U.S. university who is within 8 years from Ph.D. issuance. If you have received tenure, you are not eligible for an early career grant.

Funding for students and postdoctoral scholars will be $15,000 over 1 year, while funding for early career scholars in faculty, research, or similar positions will be $30,000 over 1–2 years.

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American Economic Association Summer Economics Fellows Program

Equitable Growth is a host institution of the AEA Summer Economics Fellows Program. Through our participation, we seek to promote efforts to increase diversity of women and members of underrepresented groups in the economics profession. We support one early career faculty to pursue academic research that explores how inequality affects economic growth and stability.

The program includes opportunities for presenting and receiving feedback on ongoing research, professional development and mentorship, trainings, and exposure to how to make research relevant to today’s policy debates and accessible for the policymaking community. Fellowships are 8–12 weeks during the summer and are open to all economists without regard to gender, race, or ethnicity, although the goal of the program is to advance the careers of women and members of underrepresented communities. Fellows are given a prorated stipend of $30,000.

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