Shaun Harrison
Shaun Harrison

Research Assistant

Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Shaun Harrison is a research assistant at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Prior to joining Equitable Growth, Shaun was a freelance writer and academic editor, focusing on book manuscripts and public scholarship. He was previously a research associate for Dr. Michelle Holder, leading her speechwriting, managing her content portfolio, and advising her on external communications. He holds a B.A. in sociology from The George Washington University, and an M.A. in American studies from Columbia University.

Authored By Shaun Harrison


U.S. economic mobility trends and outcomes

Inequality & Mobility

How the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 is promoting sustainable U.S. economic growth and mitigating climate change

Tax & Macroeconomics

What are the distributional effects of monetary policy?

Tax & Macroeconomics
Equitable Economy

Why the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is good economics

Inequality & MobilityTax & Macroeconomics

How Black activists spurred the U.S. government to expand school meal programs, addressing child hunger and boosting future productivity

Inequality & MobilityFamilies

What happened to the federal minimum wage debate?

LaborInequality & Mobility

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