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Equitable Growth supports research and policy analysis on how inequalities in wages, bargaining power, and the evolving labor market affect workers’ economic security and opportunity as well as broad-based economic growth.

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Too many workers have been left behind as the benefits of growth increasingly accrue to those at the top of the income and wealth distribution. Equitable Growth supports research to improve our understanding of what is driving these trends, who is affected, and what policies can boost wages for all workers, provide for safe and equitable workplaces, develop pathways for upward mobility, and encourage stronger economic growth and stability.

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Abdul Raheem Shariq Mohammed

University of Arizona

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Abigail Wozniak

University of Notre Dame

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Guest Author

Adelheid Voskuhl

University of Pennsylvania

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Adriana Kugler

Georgetown University

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Alan Manning
Working Paper Author

Alan Manning

London School of Economics

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