Austin Clemens
Austin Clemens

Computational Social Scientist

Equitable Growth

Austin Clemens is a computational social scientist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth. Prior to joining Equitable Growth, Austin was an assistant research scientist at the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University where he researched criminal justice policy. Clemens holds a bachelor’s in economics from the University of Texas and a doctorate in political science from the University of Georgia. His work has appeared in ESPN the Magazine, Smithsonian magazine, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and the Journal of Business and Politics.


GDP 2.0

Authored By Austin Clemens

Coronavirus Recession

New Great Recession data suggest Congress should go big to spur a broad-based, sustained U.S. economic recovery

Inequality & MobilityTax & Macroeconomics

How combating voter suppression can help close the economic divides between Black and White Americans and spur U.S. economic growth

Inequality & Mobility

The consequences of political inequality and voter suppression for U.S. economic inequality and growth

LaborInequality & MobilityFamilies

Equitable Growth’s Household Pulse graphs: October 14 – 26

Inequality & Mobility

Equitable Growth’s Household Pulse graphs: September 30–October 12

Inequality & Mobility

The rising number of U.S. households with burdensome student debt calls for a federal response

Inequality & MobilityFamilies

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