Public policy and opioid drug abuse: Investigating the effects of paid family and medical leave and Medicaid

Grant Type: doctoral

Grant Year: 2019

Grant Amount: $135,700

Grant description:

This research will analyze how state-level paid family and medical leave and Medicaid expansions influence drug-related outcomes. The research team will draw from a variety of administrative data sources, including restricted individual-level mortality data from the Centers for Disease Control; data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project’s National Inpatient

Sample and Nationwide Emergency Department Sample; and the Treatment Episode Data Set-Admissions. Drawing from these rich data sources in combination with information on population demographic characteristics and state policies, the team will employ a variety of causal inference techniques to examine whether access to paid family and medical leave can help reduce the abuse of opioids. While a large literature has examined the impacts of paid family and medical leave on parental leave-taking, labor market outcomes, and child health, there is no research to date on whether it can influence drug abuse and treatment. Similarly, there is little research on the effect of Medicaid coverage on drug-related deaths or measures of drug-related morbidity.

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