Equitable Growth launches quarterly Working Paper Digest

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth today launched a new quarterly newsletter, the Equitable Growth Working Paper Digest, dedicated to informing readers about several of the working papers we’ve released on our website over the previous three months.

Equitable Growth’s Working Paper Series has been going strong for more than three years. We’ve released nearly 100 of these works-in-progress. They comprise a diverse, comprehensive, and ever-growing collection of original research by our grantees and other scholars highlighting the connections between inequality and economic growth. By posting this work, Equitable Growth seeks to promote broader discussion of these issues and generate feedback for the researchers from the academic community as they prepare their research for final publication. We also hope to provide a resource for policymakers who seek to develop and implement evidence-based policies on issues related to economic inequality.

The Equitable Growth Working Paper Digest provides descriptions of several highlighted working papers along with analysis by our staff of why they are significant and how they fit into the framework of Equitable Growth’s efforts. The inaugural issue covers the following papers:

The Equitable Growth Working Paper Digest is the best way to stay informed about the working papers that Equitable Growth has published. If you wish to subscribe, please click here.

July 17, 2019


Korin Davis


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