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The Washington Center for Equitable Growth is a non-profit research and grantmaking organization dedicated to advancing evidence-backed ideas and policies that promote strong, stable, and broad-based economic growth.

Equitable Recovery

Policy resources for investing in an equitable recovery

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Research & ideas


New research shows slavery’s central role in U.S. economic growth leading up to the Civil War

Inequality & Mobility

A new report lays out the path forward for faltering U.S. Unemployment Insurance system

FamiliesTax & MacroeconomicsLabor

How federal place-conscious policies can work to reduce regional inequality in the United States

Inequality & MobilityLabor
Competitive Edge

New U.S. antitrust legislation before Congress must mandate an anticompetitive presumption for acquisitions of nascent potential competitors by dominant firms


Father’s Day highlights why paid paternity leave should be part of all U.S. parental leave policies

Expert Focus

Expert Focus: Intersections between racial equity and disaggregation of data

Inequality & Mobility

Value Added – A blog

Our daily go-to source for the latest academic research on economic inequality and growth for Capitol Hill and statehouse policy staffers, journalists, and the broader policy community

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Elevating Research

Equitable Growth is committed to supporting rigorous research that advances what we know about equitable growth. We do that by funding original research from established academics and promising early career researchers.

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In the News

Working Papers

This series is a collection of original research by our grantees and other scholars highlighting the connections between inequality and economic growth.

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Building a community

Equitable Growth’s growing academic network includes scholars up and down the career ladder who seek to understand how to build a strong, stable, and equitable economy and who are engaged through our grant program, conferences, seminars, and academic and a policy outreach.

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