Market power in the U.S. economy today

Overview The U.S. economy has a “market power” problem, notwithstanding our strong and extensive antitrust institutions. The surprising conjunction of the exercise of market power with well-established antitrust norms, precedents, […]

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Must-Read: Mark Thoma: The Demand for Education

Must-Read: Mark Thoma: The Demand for Education: “One of the most rewarding parts of deciding to go online 12 years ago… …has little to do with the things I […]

Must- and Should-Reads: April 30, 2017

Adam Tooze: Reviewing ‘How Will Capitalism End?’ by Wolfgang Streeck: “Streeck draws urgent practical conclusions… Heather Boushey, Brad DeLong and Marshall Steinbaum: Equitable Growth in Conversation: Marshall Steinbaum: “I […]

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