President and CEO Heather Boushey shares insights on inequality and growth via Medium

Washington Center for Equitable Growth President and CEO Heather Boushey today posted her debut article, “Why we need an economy that works for everyone — and how to get it,” on Medium, an online publishing platform for long-form content.

In the article, Boushey makes the case that widespread economic inequality in the United States—now at its highest level in more than 50 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau—constricts, subverts, and distorts the economy. She also discusses some of the solutions required to reverse this longstanding trend in order to increase the productivity and well-being of U.S. families. In the piece, she writes:

The good news is, equitable growth is achievable. The research and shifts in economic thinking point to the conclusion that we should focus on reducing the capacity of those with high concentrations of resources to subvert our markets and our democracy. Addressing the acceleration of economic concentration has the power to unleash innovation, spur productive investment, and lower prices for consumers. Similarly, creating a more progressive system of taxation and levying higher taxes on those at the very top would raise revenues, creating opportunities to make more comprehensive public investments, which are crucial to growing the economy and tackling inequality.

For more on inequality and growth from Boushey’s perspective, be sure to follow her on Medium.


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