Peter J. Fugiel
Peter J. Fugiel

Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology

University of Chicago

Peter J. Fugiel is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Chicago. His interests lie in the social organization of work and occupations, work-life integration, labor regulation, and political economy. His research focuses on working time as a lens on changing employment relations and broader patterns of labor market inequality. In his dissertation, he examines the origins, functions, and effects of unpredictable and unstable scheduling, primarily in the U.S. retail sector. He develops a risk-theoretic model in which schedule instability creates option value for employers but inhibits workers’ skill formation. He has worked with Susan Lambert at the University of Chicago on related research projects, including the Stable Scheduling Study, a cluster-randomized field experiment that received support from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, among others. Results of this research have appeared in The New York Times and helped inform state and local scheduling regulations.

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