Municipal Neighborhood Effects: Estimating the Independent Association between Childhood Jurisdiction and Life Outcomes

Grant Type: academic

Grant Year: 2022

Grant Amount: $33,348

Grant description:

This project examines associations between municipality of residence during childhood and upward mobility. Notably, the project creates a new dataset by identifying municipalities across the United States and documenting and categorizing municipal policies for comparison. Research on municipalities is hampered because a single repository or dataset containing all municipalities and their characteristics and policies does not exist. In addition to the potential data contribution, from a policy solution standpoint, understanding municipal policy is critically important. It is neither practical nor reasonable to propose solutions for mobility that operate just at the neighborhood or commuting-zone level, outside of the context of local governance. City and county governments need to know what they can reasonably do within their jurisdictions in order to increase mobility. While the proposed study, like many others in this space, does not attempt to identify causality, the descriptive work has the potential to be telling since it could provide municipalities with evidence of how they are succeeding or failing at supporting upward mobility for their residents.

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