Inequality and Targeting of Disaggregated Policy

Grant Type: academic

Grant Year: 2022

Grant Amount: $74,929

Grant description:

This project explores the question of how policy shocks propagate through the economy. The researchers will build a large dataset using Danish Bank and Danish government administrative data to build matrices of income, consumption, and production in different regions and sectors, as well as how income, consumption, and production in different regions and sectors are interconnected. This “disaggregated economic account” will be used to trace out how a shock that hits one part of the economy propagates to other parts and determine the aggregate impact of the shock. The resulting model will help define optimal policy responses to different kinds of shocks, to measure how certain shocks affect income inequality and growth, and to identify the most important channels that propagate shocks. Tracing how a shock in one sector filters through the economy is only possible with this type of administrative data linked in this way.

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