Does guaranteed income facilitate wealth and credit building among Black households in Georgia?

Grant Type: academic

Grant Year: 2023

Grant Amount: $40,000

Grant description:

This project partners with two guaranteed income experiments in Georgia to understand how guaranteed income affects asset development and credit-building. One experiment, in and around Atlanta, enrolled 654 low-income Black women in the summer of 2022. This experiment uses two different models of benefit delivery—equal-sized regular payments versus a one-time lump-sum payment followed by smaller regular payments. There is also a control group formed by those not randomly selected for the program. The other project takes 200 homeless clients from Project Community Connections Inc. and randomly assigns half of them to receive case management and housing assistance, while the other half receives those services plus $400 per month. For both experiments, the research team will link to credit report data and create a control group from the credit data to provide insight on racially patterned economic disparities and potential policy interventions. This paper will bridge guaranteed income—an income-maintenance intervention—with the study of wealth development and access to credit.

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