Must-and Should-Reads: April 21, 2017

Nick Bunker: What would rules-based monetary policy look like?: “All of this isn’t to say that the reaction functions of central banks or individual central bankers aren’t important…” […]

Must- and Should-Reads: April 18, 2017

Financial Times: Donald Trump Beats a Retreat: “Another week, another series of flip-flops by America’s president… Ezra Klein: The GOP’s problem on health reform is they’ve spent years hiding […]

Must- and Should-Reads: April 17, 2017

Tony Nog: On Twitter: “18) This may explain why Brexiteers are in this unhappy cycle. The ‘intellectual’ basis for Brexit has collapsed. But no one told them…” Seshat: […]

Must- and Should-Reads: April 12, 2017

Matthew C Klein: Tarullo Exits Federal Reserve “Daniel K. Tarullo submitted his resignation… as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, effective on or […]

Must- and Should-Reads: April 7, 2017

Kevin O’Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson: The spread of modern manufacturing to the poor periphery “Factor endowments: had a profound impact… Neville Morley: Keep Lectures Live! “Sitting in silence, […]