Must- and Should-Reads: February 17, 2017

Martin Sandbu: Donald Trump’s Love of Manufacturing Is Misguided: “Donald Trump and his economic team love manufacturing… Nick Bunker: What’s Behind the Decline in U.S. Interest Rates?: “Eggertsson, Mehrotra, and […]


Should-Reads: February 14, 2017

Tim Duy: Fed’s Bullard Knows His Treasury Yield Curve: “Having tipped their toes in the water with two interest-rate hikes… Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda (2016): Adam Smith, Watch […]


Must- and Should-Reads: February 4, 2017

FT Alphaville: Thought for the Weekend: “President Donald Trump has begun killing off an Obama-era retirement-savings rule… Joe Coscarelli: The ‘Bowling Green Massacre’: “Kellyanne Conway, the adviser to President Trump […]


Must- and Should-Reads: January 27, 2017

Paul Krugman: Reagan, Trump, and Manufacturing: “It’s hard to focus on ordinary economic analysis amidst this political apocalypse… Mark Thoma: What if “alternative facts” spread to economic data?: “Donald Trump’s […]