The New Socialism of Fools

Project Syndicate: The New Socialism of Fools by J. Bradford DeLong–bradford-delong-2017-08: BERKELEY – According to mainstream economic theory, globalization tends to “lift all boats,” and has little effect on […]

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Economic Policy Challenges in the US and Japan Panel: Globalization and Inequality

Globalization and Inequality J. Bradford DeLong :: U.C. Berkeley, WCEG, and NBER @delong .pages: | .key: | .html: Globalization and Inequality Moderator: Naoyuki Haraoka Brad […]

Question to Self: Germany

Germany does not have the rise of the overclass. And Germany does have the wage stagnation–even though it is done everything right to preserve manufacturing employment and nurture communities of […]

Missing the Economic Big Picture

Project Syndicate: Missing the Economic Big Picture: BERKELEY – I recently heard former World Trade Organization Director-General Pascal Lamy paraphrasing a classic Buddhist proverb, wherein China’s Sixth Buddhist Patriarch Huineng […]