“Your Mom Isn’t Here” Jobs…

Live from (Outside of) New York ComicCon: We Have (Close to the Equivalent of) Replicators: So Why Do We (Still) Have Non Personal-Service Jobs?

We grow things–but fewer and fewer of us do. We make things–but fewer and fewer of us do. We provide personal services–non-information and information. What else do we do?

It strikes me that a huge proportion of jobs these days are really “your mom isn’t here!” jobs.

What proportion of jobs wouldn’t it be necessary if people would only behave–if people would reliably and properly drop the money they owe into the jar, would clean up if they spilled something, leave the place in the clean state it was when they arrived, would not break machines by trying to operate them when they do not understand them, and so on?

October 11, 2015


Brad DeLong
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