Should-Read: Peter Leyden et al.: Future of Work

Should-Read: Peter Leyden et al.: Future of Work | | | “I’m Pete Leydon, and I am the founder of Reinvent…

…We try to bring together top innovators in deep conversations to solve complex problems. Our theory of change is that real fundamental innovation—reinvention—comes from a lot of smart innovative folks from different backgrounds in a room in a conversation that goes deep. That is what we have organized.

We also create media. We think if these kinds of conversations happen behind closed doors—which is a lot of strategy consulting—so much gets lost and doesn’t get absorbed. We always capture everything in long-form. You’re all going be on video. It’s a four camera shoot. You’re on as much of the video as people speaking up here. That’s part of the idea. This room is filled with some really amazing folks. And as Kevin Kelly in the early Wired magazine said: nobody’s as smart as everybody. We are going to tap into many many people in the Bay Area here to think through this problem of the future of work…


Brad DeLong
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