Should-Read: Mark Antonio Wright: Oklahoma’s Teachers & Education Funding Issues

Should-Read: Read National Review before… well, before today… about Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, and you read things like “There’s still quite a bit of experienced managerial and legislative talent walking through the lobby of Trump Tower these days… Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin…” and “A Mama Grizzly Wins in the Sooner State”. All that is now, as they say, inoperative. But surely NR could have given its loyal readers a heads-up sometime in the past eight years that MISTAKES WERE MADE?: Mark Antonio Wright: Oklahoma’s Teachers & Education Funding Issues: “No reasonable examination of the facts can avoid laying blame at the feet of Republican governor Mary Fallin…

…Once a rising conservative star, Fallin served three terms as Oklahoma’s lieutenant governor and two terms in the U.S. House before she was elected to the governorship in the GOP-wave year of 2010, accompanied by big Republican majorities in both houses of the legislature. The ensuing years, however, have seen a constant stream of budget and funding missteps…. Government in Oklahoma needs deep reform. If the states are meant to be, in our federal system, sovereign “laboratories of democracy,” then Oklahoma’s leaders should realize that their current experiment is failing…. Four-day school weeks, classrooms with 40 kids, and students forced to sit on the floor is no one’s idea of a successful educational environment. Conscientious Okies should get to work…

April 5, 2018


Brad DeLong
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