Should-Read: Kenneth Rogoff: When Will Tech Disrupt Higher Education?

Should-Read: We more-or-less understand how to teach people to perform a single analytical task just beyond their current competence, or demonstrate basic background familiarity with a situation—hence the disruptive success of Kahn Academy in the tutoring disruption business. But otherwise? How should we “disrupt” higher education as a whole? We need to understand why what we do here works, to the extent that it does. And we really do not: Kenneth Rogoff: When Will Tech Disrupt Higher Education?: “Universities and colleges are pivotal to the future of our societies…

…But, given impressive and ongoing advances in technology and artificial intelligence, it is hard to see how they can continue playing this role without reinventing themselves over the next two decades. Education innovation will disrupt academic employment, but the benefits to jobs everywhere else could be enormous. If there were more disruption within the ivory tower, economies just might become more resilient to disruption outside it…

February 5, 2018


Brad DeLong
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