Should-Read: Peter Leyden: California is the Future of American Politics

Should-Read: Peter Leyden: California is the Future-of American Politics: “The 21st-century hit California early, and the innovative state adapted quickly…

…and has pioneered a promising new way forward in many fields-including politics. The same forces-from demographics to technology adoption- re now hitting the rest of America in roughly a 15 year time delay. So what happened politically in California about 15 years ago is paralyzing America right now, and what’s happening politically now in California will hit the rest of America over the next 15 years. The once politically Red, now deep Blue state is inventing a progressive political playbook that will soon come to all America and even other parts of the world. That’s because California is in the early stages of inventing what will eventually be understood as a new digital, sustainable civilization for the 21st century…

December 23, 2017


Brad DeLong
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