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The staff at Equitable Growth frequently come together to bring you our thoughts on a subject. The following is a collection of content with the “Equitable Growth” byline.

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Vision 2020

Revamping U.S. small business rescue programs amid the coronavirus recession

Tax & MacroeconomicsInequality & MobilityLabor
Vision 2020

Combating the market power of U.S. corporations over workers and consumers

CompetitionInequality & MobilityLabor
Vision 2020

Taxing wealth and investment income in the United States

Tax & MacroeconomicsInequality & Mobility
Vision 2020

Achieving universal paid family and medical leave in the United States

FamiliesTax & MacroeconomicsLabor
Vision 2020

Building worker power in the United States

LaborInequality & MobilityTax & Macroeconomics
Vision 2020

Improving automatic stabilizers to combat U.S. economic recessions

Tax & Macroeconomics
TOPICS: Fiscal Policy

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