Must-read: Sheryl Sandberg: “From Facebook Q4 2015 Results–Earnings Call Transcript”

Must-Read: Via Ben Thompson: Sheryl Sandberg: From Facebook Q4 2015 Results–Earnings Call Transcript: “Our third priority is improving the relevance and effectiveness of our ads…

…We shipped a lot of new ad products this past year. These products help deliver personalized marketing at scale and drive business for our clients. Leading up to Black Friday Shop Direct, the UK’s second largest online retailer teased upcoming sales with a cinemagraph video to build awareness. They then retargeted people who saw the video with one day only deals. On Black Friday, they used our carousel and DPA ads to promote products people had shown interest in. They saw 20 times return on ad spend from this campaign, helping them achieve their biggest Black Friday and their most successful sales day ever…


Brad DeLong


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