Must-read: Ria Misra: “You Can Barely Even See Yosemite’s Largest Glacier Anymore”

Must-Read: Ria Misra: You Can Barely Even See Yosemite’s Largest Glacier Anymore: “Lyell Glacier was Yosemite’s National Park’s largest glacier…

…In 1883, park officials took a photograph of the ice giant. This year, NASA’s climate team recreated that photo with the glacier in its current state. The comparison is stunning. Lyell Glacier is not only the largest in Yellowstone, it’s also the second largest in the Sierra Nevada range. Since 1883, it’s lost 80 percent of its surface area, to the point where it covers only 1/10th of a square mile—and of that loss, 10 percent occurred in just the last four years. The historical loss is huge, but even more sobering is what it suggests for the future. We’re rapidly losing the ice and snowpack that have been especially key for Western and mountain states—not just in Yellowstone or the parks, but all over…

You Can Barely Even See Yellowstone s Largest Glacier Anymore

December 23, 2015


Brad DeLong
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