Must-Read: Ed Kligore: The Brand: What You See Is What You Get

Ed Kilgore: The Brand: What You See Is What You Get): “Ann Friedman has written a piece for TNR that will be of great interest to all of us who have had to grapple with the idea…

…of a personal ‘brand’… back in the day… called a ‘voice.’… Friedman shares with us the hilarious and sobering tale of her own wrestling match with ‘branding’…. Personally, I find it easier to remain ‘authentic’… by letting people absorb my unique characteristics organically, rather than spending time each day trying to figure out how to improve the lefty-cracker-Christian-bloviator-with-a-surprisingly-good-vocabulary brand…. We’re not entirely immune to the logic of ‘branding,’ but for the most part, what you see is what you get.

September 30, 2015


Brad DeLong
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