Must-Read: Daniel Davies: “The Absolute Height of Irresponsibility…

Must-Read: I confess that I haven’t been following Brexit, because it has seemed to me that–whatever you think of the European Union–Britain’s strategy is obvious. It is large enough and important enough either to get an explicit carve out from European Union institutions it does not like (i.e., the Euro) or, if necessary, to nullify them. As long as it is in, it has a powerful voice to shape what happens in Brussels. Thus the right strategy is: Use your voice to pressure Brussels in positive directions, nullify the application inside Britain of European Union policies that are intolerable, and let the “leave” decision by theirs–make them throw you out if they don’t like your attitude.

“Leave” has always seemed to me to be a destructive attempt to summon the demons of nationalism, and “leave”‘s advocates have seemed to me to have careerist rather than public-spirited motivations…

Dan Davies: The absolute height of irresponsibility…:

June 19, 2016


Brad DeLong
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