Must-read: Abbe Gluck et al.: “Yale Health Care Industry Symposium”

Must-Read: Abbe Gluck et al.: Yale Health Care Industry Symposium: “The New Health Care Industry—Consolidation, Integration, Competition In The Wake Of The ACA…

…Building An ACO—What Services Do You Need And How Are Physicians Impacted? Michael Chernew…. States’ Critical Role Overseeing Vertical Health Care Integration Jaime King and Erin Fuse Brown…. A Healthy Skepticism Of Incumbents, A Healthy Commitment To Entry Barak Richman… Unpacking The Issues Of Vertical And Horizontal Consolidation—The St. Luke’s Case Toby Singer…. Physicians And The New Health Care Industry—Benefits Of Generational Change William Sage…. High Prices And Payment Reform—Let’s Get Practical Robert Berenson…. Consolidation And Competition In US Health Care Martin Gaynor…. Dubious Health Care Merger Justifications—The Sumo Wrestler And ‘Government Made Me Do It’ Defenses Thomas Greaney…. No Evidence That Insurance Market Consolidation Leads To Greater Innovation Leemore Dafny and Christopher Ody…

March 3, 2016


Brad DeLong
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