Must-read: Benjamin Mitra-Kahn: “Keynes passed away 70 years ago today–his copyright follows”

Must-Read: Benjamin Mitra-Kahn: Keynes passed away 70 years ago today–his copyright follows: “The most frustrating (or magical) thing about doing archival research…

…is the need to first identify and then physically inspect every box of unknown letters. But what if… we could… move the history of economics scholarship from dusty rooms around the world to the web…. The Carnegie Mellon University digitisation of Herbert Simon’s papers shows it can be done though. Building an on-line Keynes archive would be a sizeable task, but not impossible. Including Keynes’ published, unpublished (possible through Rod O’Donnell’s INET project) and uncategorised work could be a real boon to scholars and people interested in Keynes…. I think there are a number of institutions out there with a real interest in Keynes’s work, meaning this could be done…

April 24, 2016


Brad DeLong
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