Must-read: Jan Eberly and Jim Stock: “Spring 2016 BPEA”

Must-Read: Jan Eberly and Jim Stock: Spring 2016 BPEA: “We have arranged the following program…

…Jesse Bricker [et al.]… on ‘Measuring Income and Wealth at the Top Using Administrative and Survey Data’. David M. Byrne [et al.]… on ‘Does the United States have a Productivity Problem or a Measurement Problem?’. Alberto Cavallo [et al.]… on ‘Learning from Potentially Biased Statistics: Household’s Inflation Perceptions and Expectations in Argentina’. Melissa Kearney… and Phillip Levine… on ‘Income Inequality, Social Mobility, and the Decision to Drop Out of High School’. Deborah Lucas… on ‘Credit Policy as Fiscal Policy’. Raven Molloy [et al]… on ‘Understanding Declining Fluidity in the U.S. Labor Market’…


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