Heather Boushey: “The tax bill should’ve been called The Inequality Exacerbation Act”

“The permanent corporate tax cuts and other cuts benefiting the wealthy, combined with only short-term benefits for the middle class and measures that increase the cost of health insurance for those lucky enough to have it, lead to a result that the American public well understands — a tax bill designed for the rich,” writes Washington Center for Equitable Growth’s Heather Boushey in The Hill.  Her column, “The tax bill should’ve been called The Inequality Exacerbation Act,” notes: “A more insidious way that this tax bill increases inequality is that it’s not paid for; it adds more than $1 trillion to the national debt over 10 years. Supporters are not waiting for the ink to dry before making clear how they intend to pay for it — by cutting programs important to middle- and low-income Americans.”

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