Access to Paid Leave during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from NYC

Grant Type: doctoral

Grant Year: 2020

Grant Amount: $28,000

Grant description:

This study will explore access, use, and outcomes associated with paid leave during the pandemic in New York City utilizing The New York City Longitudinal Study of Health and Wellbeing, also known as the Poverty Tracker. This survey follows representative samples of New York City residents, interviewing them every three months for up to four years and collecting a wealth of data on poverty, hardship (e.g. food insecurity), health and wellbeing, and specialized topics such as assets and debts. The research team will administer a post-COVID-19 survey with members of their second panel, for whom they have four years of pre-COVID-19 data, including information on employment and employer-provided paid sick leave. Interviewing this panel again will allow the researchers to gather important post-COVID-19 data on (1) use of employer-provided paid sick leave, (2) use of New York State paid family and medical leave and temporary disability insurance, and (3) use of the new federal emergency paid sick leave and paid family leave; as well as 4) post-COVID-19 data on poverty, hardship, and health and wellbeing.

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