Must-Read: And Glenn Hubbard and Larry Lindsey plumb the depths of unprofessionalism to a degree I find genuinely surprising in private (oh, I am not surprised by Douglas Holtz-Eakin here.): Rich Yeselson: Senator Susan Collins and Three Highly Unprofessional Republican Economists: “Sen[ator] Collins on @MeetThePress today said that she had talked to [Holtz-]Eakins, Lindsay, and Hubbard and they believed that the supply side stimulus would produce an increase on government revenue…

…This is a problem when other side’s alleged serious people are really hacks.

Matt O’Brien: Wow. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but still, wow.

Rich Yeselson: I thought it was interesting for several reasons:

  1. Unlike most Rs, she felt she needed purported technical expertise;
  2. She needed it because three extant models did not give her the result she wanted;
  3. She is as much of a reflexive supply side as the rest of the R[epublican]s;
  4. R[epublican] experts are indeed hacks, not willing to puncture this delusional bubble;
  5. It would never occur to her to speak to any economist who hadn’t worked in an R[epublican] administration—her “moderation” is still locked with an extremist ambit.