Weekend reading

This is a weekly post we publish on Fridays with links to articles we think anyone interested in equitable growth should be reading. We won’t be the first to share these articles, but we hope by taking a look back at the whole week, we can put them in context.


Eduardo Porter reports on the coming retirement crisis and the policies that might be able to stem the tide. [nyt]

Carola Binder writes about a 4 percent growth target and policymaker accountability. [quantitative ease]

Matt Bruenig argues that asking people how much money they’d need to receive in order to give up new technology is a bad way to measure consumer surplus. [demos]

What’s the deal with labor productivity? Josh Zumbrun investigates. [wsj]

Tracy Alloway argues that the on-going liquidity problems in the bond market are due to the changing nature of the shadow banking system. [bloomberg]

Friday figure


Figure from “Bolstering the bottom by indexing the minimum wage to the median wage” by Ben Zipperer.

June 19, 2015

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