Weekend reading

This is a weekly post we publish on Fridays with links to articles we think anyone interested in equitable growth should be reading. We won’t be the first to share these articles, but we hope by taking a look back at the whole week we can put them in context.


Jason Furman highlights social insurance programs that have long-term benefits for children. [nyt]

Emily Badger look at the data from the Chetty and Hendren paper on mobility and place and investigates the place that boost mobility for everyone, poor and rich. [wonkblog]

Matthew Klein writes up a new paper by Federal Reserve economists that says the rise in wealth inequality has been smaller than other papers would have us believe. [ft alphaville]

Toby Nangle argues that the natural rate of interest is determined by the power of labor. [vox eu]

Researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago argue that the natural rate of unemployment is now, at the very most, 5 percent. [chicago fed]

Friday figure


Figure from “Would graduating more college students reduce wage inequality?” by Marshall Steinbaum and John Schmitt

May 15, 2015

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