Weekend reading

This is a weekly post we publish on Fridays with links to articles we think anyone interested in equitable growth should be reading. We won’t be the first to share these articles, but we hope by taking a look back at the whole week we can put them in context.


The costs of attending college have skyrocketed in recent decades, yet net costs (after factoring in financial aid, for example) haven’t increased as much, Shane Ferro reports. [business insider]

Justin Wolfers looks at a paper that claims parenting time doesn’t make that much of a difference for children. He finds it wanting. [the upshot]

Paul Krugman enters the blog debate about secular stagnation between Larry Summers and Ben Bernanke. [ny times]

John Roberston looks at what’s holding back productivity growth. [atlanta fed]

Cardiff Garcia digs into questions surrounding the yield curve and its effect on the economy. [ft alphaville]

Friday Figure


Figure from “The future of work in the second machine age is up to us,” by Marshall Steinbaum.

April 3, 2015

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