Things to Read on the Evening of Thursday, November 7, 2013

Must Reads:

Adrianna McIntyre’s comments on a chart by Jon Gruber on the speed of the take-up of RomneyCare in Massachusetts. One of Ezra’s Klein’s “seven cute animals that think reasons Obamacare isn’t facing a death spiral”

Should Reads:

Should Know Exists:

William Dudley (September 2003) Reflections on the Economic Outlook and the Implications for Monetary Policy: “We have established a threshold of 6.5 percent for the unemployment rate as long as we do not expect inflation to exceed 2.5 percent… and inflation expectations remain well-anchored…. The 6.5 percent unemployment rate is a threshold, and not a trigger… we might wait a long time after we breach the threshold before we begin to raise our federal funds rate target…”


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