Thanksgiving weekend reading

This is a weekly post we usually publish every Friday with links to articles we think anyone interested in equitable growth should read. But due to Thanksgiving, we’re posting on Wednesday so you can contemplate these links over left-over turkey sandwiches.

Secular stagnation

Greg Ip argues that the growing tide of elderly in wealthy countries explains a lot of secular stagnation [the economist]

The Economist also created a series of accompanying graphics [the economist]

Shane Ferro looks at the troubling demographic situation in Japan [business insider]

Hidden wealth of nations

Matthew Klein looks at London School of Economics professor Gabriel Zucman’s research on the offshoring of wealth and profits [ft alphaville part 1, part 2]

The roots of upward mobility

Richard Reeves looks at research that finds a link between inequality of non-cognitive skills and intergenerational mobility [brookings]

Derek Thompson poses a dilemma for Millennials: move to a city with affordable housing or a city with a good track record of upward mobility [the atlantic]

More work and less play than expected

Dylan Matthews tries to figure out why we don’t have 3-hours workdays as Keynes predicted [vox]

Timothy Taylor considers two approaches to encouraging work: tax incentives and social support [conversable economist]

November 26, 2014

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