Mireia Gine
Mireia Gine

Associate Professor

University of Navarra

Mireia Giné is an associate professor in the Financial Management Department of IESE Business School. Giné specializes in corporate governance, executive compensation, mergers, and acquisitions. Currently, she investigates how common ownership of institutional shareholders impacts the corporate decisions of companies in their portfolio. Her research has been published in leading finance journals, and she is the recipient of several international prizes, including the Brattle Prize. Prior to joining IESE, Giné worked for more than a decade at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School as director of research at Wharton Research Data Services, a global financial reference platform serving more than 450 academic and financial institutions. She currently directs the group’s international operations. Giné has a B.A. in economics and a master’s degree in economics from Pompeu Fabra University. She received her doctorate from the University of Barcelona after several years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania.


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