Elton Mykerezi
Elton Mykerezi

Associate Professor of Applied Economics and an Extension Economist with the Center for Community Vitality

University of Minnesota

Elton Mykerezi is an associate professor of applied economics and an extension economist with the Center for Community Vitality at the University of Minnesota. He is an applied microeconomist with research interests that include the study of human capital, causes of poverty, food insecurity and poor nutrition, the role of public assistance in enhancing household well-being, rural business, and labor market development. Mykerezi has co-authored research on a wide variety of topics, including: human capital in rural areas and among rural minorities; economic development in Indian Reservations; teacher labor markets; interactions between household well-being, labor markets, and food assistance; and ways to improve childhood nutrition. His extension and outreach program aims to improve economic opportunities for vulnerable populations by focusing primarily on access to healthy foods, a quality education, and opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment.

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