Eileen Appelbaum
Eileen Appelbaum


Center for Economic and Policy Research

Eileen Appelbaum is a co-director at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and visiting professor in the Department of Management at the University of Leicester, U.K. She has 20 years of experience carrying out empirical research on the effects of public policies and company practices on outcomes for companies and workers. She studies work processes and work-life practices of organizations and their implications for organizational effectiveness and for the quality of jobs. Recent publications examine employers’ experiences with paid family leave in California and with paid sick days in Connecticut. Her book, Unfinished Business: Paid Family leave in California and the Future of U.S. Work-Family Policy, co-authored with Ruth Milkman, was published in November 2013. A new report with Ruth Milkman, “Good for Business: Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Law,” appeared in March 2014. Her current research examines the effects of private equity ownership and governance on companies and workers, and her latest book, Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street, co-authored with Rosemary Batt, was published in March 2014.

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