Must-Read: Noah Smith: Scott Walker, Labor Market Protectionist

Must-Read: Noah Smith: Scott Walker, Labor Market Protectionist: “Walker may have accidentally given away the game…

…many immigration opponents… want to reduce the inflow of legal immigrants…. This is a bad idea…. Limiting the inflow of immigrants won’t actually do much to protect American jobs or wages…. In today’s globalized world, Americans are going to be competing with them whether they’re over here or over there. And it’s better to hire them here, and compete with them here…. Over time, we want the U.S. to stay at the center of the world economy…. The U.S. will need more people in order to remain the place where companies want to invest. If you want to see a country that has long gone down the Scott Walker path, take a look at Japan… mostly closed to legal immigration… aging dramatically… its population is shrinking… companies… investing elsewhere…. The U.S. ability to absorb newcomers is unique, and it gives America a chance to escape Japan’s fate. If we listen to Scott Walker and other immigration restrictionists, however, the U.S. will be throwing away one of its biggest advantages. Don’t fall for it.

April 29, 2015

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