Must-Read: Danny Crichton: Why Is The University Still Here?

Must-Read: Danny Chrichton: Why Is The University Still Here?: “Universities… have been on Silicon Valley’s hit list…

…and disruption phasers… have… been set to kill…. And yet… we failed to ensure that motivation and primacy were built-in to these new products… failed to get adults to engage with education in the way that universities traditionally can…. The motivation problem should have been obvious from the start…. Primacy is making education the primary activity of a student’s day…. When we attend a physical university, we automatically give primacy to education…. There is also financial primacy that comes from paying large tuition bills…. New forms of online education like MOOCs lost both forms of primacy at once…. It doesn’t seem like we have the answers…. We need to think more deeply about motivation and primacy…

June 30, 2015

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