Must-Read: Belle Sawhill: Generation Unbound

Must-Read: Belle Sawhill: Generation Unbound: “Over half of all births to young adults in the United States now occur outside of marriage…

…and many are unplanned. The result is increased poverty and inequality for children. The left argues for more social support for unmarried parents; the right argues for a return to traditional marriage…. Isabel V. Sawhill offers a third approach: change ‘drifters’ into ‘planners.’… ‘Planners,’ who are delaying parenthood until after they marry, with ‘drifters,’ who are having unplanned children early and outside of marriage. These two distinct patterns are contributing to an emerging class divide and threatening social mobility…. It is possible, by changing the default, to move from a culture that accepts a high number of unplanned pregnancies to a culture in which adults only have children when they are ready to be a parent.

June 2, 2015

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