Must-Attend: George Evans, Roger Guesnerie, Bruce McGough and Bruce Preston: content/uploads/sites/4/2015/08/ConfProgram-2015.pdf”>Expectations in Dynamic Macroeconomic Models

Must-Attend (if you are in Oregon, that is): Up in Eugene they have long been doing a great deal of work on expectations and the stability of stochastic equilibrium that is genuinely useful. And have I ever said that I was first taught about equilibrium stability by Roger Guesnerie in the fall of 1979? There are probably smart things I could use to impress people in my Econ 2001a notes, if I could find the basement box that they are in. Mark Thoma tells us about:

George Evans, Roger Guesnerie, Bruce McGough and Bruce Preston: Expectations in Dynamic Macroeconomic Models: “Cars Hommes… Behavioral Learning Equilibria for the New Keynesian Model; Discussant: George Waters…

…Jasmina Arifovic… Escaping Expectations-Driven Liquidity Traps; Discussant: John Duffy. Bill Branch… Perpetual Learning and Stability in Macroeconomic Models; Discussant: Cars Hommes. Mordecai Kurz, Stabilizing Wage Policy; Discussant: George Evans. Diogo Pinheiro… Refinement of Dynamic Equilibrium; Discussant: Bruce McGough. Arunima Sinha… A Lesson from the Great Depression that the Fed Might have Learned: A Comparison of the 1932 Open Market Purchases with Quantitative Easing; Discussant: Vasco Curdia…. James Bullard….

Damjan Pfajfar… Are Survey Expectations Theory-Consistent? The Role of Central Bank Communication and News; Discussant: Fernanda Nechio. Stefano Eusepi… In Search of a Nominal Anchor: What Drives Inflation Expectations? Discussant: Sergey Slobodyan. In-Koo Cho… Gresham’s Law of Model Averaging; Discussant: Noah Williams. Martin Ellison… Time-Consistent Institutional Design; Discussant: Sergio Santoro. Klaus Adam… Can a Financial Transaction Tax Prevent Stock Price Booms?; Discussant: Pei Kuang. Kevin Lansing… Explaining the Boom-Bust Cycle in the US Housing Market: A Reverse-Engineering Approach; Discussant: Paul Shea. Thomas Sargent… Sets of Models and Prices of Uncertainty….

David Evans… Optimal Taxation with Persistent Idiosyncratic Investment Risk; Discussant: Max Croce. Anmol Bhandari… Fiscal policy and debt management with incomplete markets; Discussant: Kenneth Kasa. Chris Gibbs… Disinflationary Policies with Imperfect Credibility; Discussant: Eric Gaus. Kaushik Mitra… Comparing Inflation and Price Level Targeting: the Role of Forward Guidance and Transparency; Discussant: Bruce Preston.

August 13, 2015

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