Morning Must-Read: John Gruber: The Apple Watch

John Gruber: Daring Fireball: The Apple Watch: “Apple Watch is… the Bizarro iPhone… parallel and similar, but…the inverse, the opposite…

…Both were introduced as three things in one…. An iPod, a phone, and an ‘Internet communicator’…. A watch, a ‘new way to connect with each other’, and a health and fitness companion…. Loosely, the path of all consumer electronic categories is to evolve as ever more computer-y gadgets, until a tipping point occurs and they turn into ever more gadget-y genuine computers…. Apple seemingly tries to enter… just after that tipping point–when Moore’s Law and… engineering and manufacturing prowess allow them to produce a gadget-y computer that the computer-y gadgets from the established market leaders cannot compete with. That was the iPod. That was the iPhone.
That, they hope, is Apple Watch…

April 8, 2015

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