Making antitrust work for the 21st century

Equitable Growth’s series on antitrust, competition, and equitable growth

Mergers and acquisitions are increasing apace in the U.S. economy. This means fewer choices in many industries—from airlines and communications to manufacturing and retail— for consumers and businesses alike. But what are the consequences for economic growth and competitiveness, particularly for employment and wages and family checkbooks? In October, 2016, Equitable Growth began a conversation about the role of antitrust and competition policy in promoting more equitable economic growth. Prominent academics and practitioners offered their perspectives on the current state of antitrust enforcement and where law and regulatory practices need to head to keep pace with a rapidly changing economy.

We are continuing that conversation through a series of essays, reports, and future events that lay the groundwork for debate and informed solutions by shedding light on an under-researched area of economic policy—one with serious implications for economic growth and inequality. Together, this series will establish a direct link between antitrust enforcement and the economic well-being of American workers and consumers.

Making Antitrust Work for the 21st Century
series of events, essays and reports

Presentation: Merger Enforcement Statistics
By Michael Kades, Equitable Growth

Equitable Growth Seminar Series: Rise of Monopoly Power in the United States
November 14, 2017 (video)

Recap: Unlocking the Promise of Antitrust Enforcement
By Liz Hipple, Equitable Growth

Unlocking the Promise of Antitrust Enforcement event
October 27, 2017 (video)

New federal antitrust legislation recognizes U.S. workers are not only consumers
By Liz Hipple, Equitable Growth

Issue brief: U.S. antitrust and competition policy amid the new merger wave
By Equitable Growth

U.S. mergers & acquisitions policy amid the new merger wave
By John Kwoka, Northeastern University

Issue Brief: A communications oligopoly on steroids
By Equitable Growth

A communications oligopoly on steroids: Why antitrust enforcement and regulatory oversight in digital communications matter
By Gene Kimmelman and Mark Cooper

Market power in the U.S. economy today
By Jonathan Baker, American University Washington College of Law

Dirksen Senate Office Building event
October 6, 2016 (video)

July 18, 2017


Antitrust Enforcement

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