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A growing body of evidence shows that investments in high-quality, affordable, and accessible childcare and learning are a key element of a healthy, growing U.S. economy. Research tells us that the ages zero to three are a critically important time for developing the wide range of skills necessary for future success. Equitable Growth is growing the evidence base for the demand side of the early education equation—what do families need and want for their children and themselves and what are the obstacles to access across the economic distribution—and the supply side of the equation—what does quality childcare look like, and how do we expand access to quality early care and learning jobs in a way that creates meaningful economic security for care workers?

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For Father’s Day: Evidence from three countries on the importance of paid parental leave for new dads

working paper

When Dad Can Stay Home: Fathers’ Workplace Flexibility and Maternal Health


Paid family care leave is a missing piece in the U.S. social insurance system

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Paid family care leave

FamiliesInequality & MobilityLabor
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In Conversation with Janet Currie

FamiliesInequality & Mobility

Economist Currie’s research on early childhood care and education highlights the need for a national childcare policy

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