Changing Climate for Union Organizing: Non-Board campaigns 2016-2022

Grant Type: academic

Grant Year: 2023

Grant Amount: $75,000

Grant description:

This project will answer how campaigns for unionization run outside of the National Labor Relations Board differ from NLRB campaigns in terms of firm, industry, and bargaining unit characteristics, as well as employer and union tactics. There is existing evidence that NLRB-certified elections are fraught with employer labor law violations and other barriers. Card check campaigns, on the other hand, offer a potentially compelling alternative way of organizing. This study will use an in-depth national survey of lead organizers in private-sector, non-Board organizing campaigns to examine the characteristics and effectiveness of the campaigns. The author will compile a database of non-Board organizing campaigns from 2016–2022 to show the extent of non-Board organizing, whether these campaigns have declined in number and size in accordance with NLRB campaigns, and which unions and industries have the most non-Board organizing activity. The author will then conduct a survey of 500 non-Board campaign organizers on employer and union tactics, unit demographics, and the election and first contract process.

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